press */*/*/

press */*/*/
I UK [pres] / US noun
Word forms "press":
singular press plural presses
1) the press newspapers and news magazines

the national/local/American/sports press

the popular/tabloid press

in the press:

She has been criticized in the press for not speaking out on this issue.

a) journalists and photographers who work for newspapers or news magazines: can be followed by a singular or plural verb

She finally emerged from her home to face the press.

It's a meeting for shareholders only, and the press are excluded.

b) [only before noun] relating to the press

a crowd of press photographers

The story has received extensive press coverage (= reports in newspapers).

2) [countable] a machine used for printing newspapers, books, or magazines
3) [countable] a business that publishes books. This word is sometimes used in company names

His first book was published by Edinburgh University Press.

a) [countable] a piece of equipment used for making something flat or smooth

a trouser press

b) a piece of equipment used for crushing something or for squeezing liquid out of it

a garlic press

5) [countable, usually singular] a single push on something such as a button or switch
give something a press:

He gave the buzzer one long press.

at the press of a button (= simply by pressing a button):

Internet shopping brings the shop to your door at the simple press of a button.

6) [singular] an act of making clothes smooth with an iron
give something a press:

I'll just give my trousers a quick press and then I'm ready.

7) [singular] a large number of people pushing in different directions

He pushed his way through the press of people.

8) [countable] Scottish a cupboard 1)

(a) bad/good press — criticism/praise that appears in newspapers and news magazines

The company has been getting a fairly bad press for its treatment of workers.


II UK [pres] / US verb
Word forms "press":
present tense I/you/we/they press he/she/it presses present participle pressing past tense pressed past participle pressed
a) [intransitive/transitive] to push one thing against another
press against:

Her face was pressing against his chest.

press something against something:

Children were pressing their faces against the window.

press yourself against something:

They had to press themselves against the wall to let the horse pass.

press something to something:

Even with the phone pressed to his ear, he couldn't hear what she was saying.

press something into something:

The minister pressed a bible into his hand.

press down on something:

He felt the enormous weight of the man pressing down on his back.

b) [transitive] to push something such as a button or switch in order to make a piece of equipment start working

To read your email, press the return key.

Could you press the button for the third floor, please?

2) [intransitive] to move as a group by pushing together in a particular direction
press forward:

A wave of protesters pressed forward towards the building.

press around:

The crowd of fans began to press more closely around them.

a) [transitive] to try in a determined way to make someone do something or tell you something
press someone about/on something:

She continued to press him on the reasons for his decision.

press someone into (doing) something:

They had all been pressed into helping with the preparations for the party.

press someone to do something:

Managers are being pressed to ensure safety standards are met.

b) to try to make someone accept something such as an opinion or a claim
press a point:

She gave no answer, so I didn't press the point.

press a claim:

The young Duke of Normandy continued to press his claim to the English throne.

press a case:

He was in Washington today to press the case for reforming tax laws.

4) [transitive] to make clothes smooth using a hot iron
5) [transitive] to squeeze fruit or vegetables in order to get juice or oil out of them
6) [transitive] to make CDs or records in a factory

press someone's arm/hand — to squeeze someone's arm or hand gently as a way of expressing friendship, sympathy, or love

press charges (against someone)legal to officially accuse someone of committing a crime

The police asked him if he wanted to press charges.

press someone/something into service — to give someone a particular job or responsibility that they do not normally have; to use an object for a purpose that it was not intended for

Local people are being pressed into service to help search for the girl.

Wooden barrels are pressed into service as tables in Irish bars.

Phrasal verbs:

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